Arrival in Krapinske Toplice

Arrival in Krapinske Toplice

Direction from Zagreb (Slavonia, Dalmatia, ..)
Highway Zagreb-Macelj, going out for Zabok after the toll booths turn left, continue to the “old” Zagora road after 3 km turn right for Krapinske Spa. After that, about 7 km to Krapinske spa, eastern entrance to the Krapinske Spa.

From Zagreb, you can go and “old” Zagorje main road (direction towards Zaboku, Krapina). Before Zaboka, at Gubaševa (behind the INA petrol station) turn left and continue the same “old” highway after a descent from the highway.

The direction of Macelj (Maribor, Slovenia …)
Highway to Zagreb, exit Zabok. Then continue to Krapinske spa as well as on arrival from Zagreb.

The direction of the fence (Hum Sutli, Slovenia …)
The road from the Barriers, next to the castle Bežanec Krapinske Spas, western entrance to Krapinske Toplice.

The direction of Kumrovec (Tuheljske Toplice, Slovenia)
Old Zagorje main road to Tuhelj Spa, turn north towards Krapinske Spas (approx. 7 km).

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